The main aim of Suspension upgrades are to improve handling, acceleration and top speed to some extent.

Suspension PackagesEdit

Four suspension upgrades can be installed into cars.


Cost: 3,600

The pro package consists of:

  • Strut Tower Bars
  • Front and Rear Sway Bars
  • Sport Springs and Shocks

It can be unlocked by defeating Sonny, Blacklist member 15

Super ProEdit

Cost: 7,600

The super pro package consists of:

  • Large Diameter Sway Bars
  • Racing Shocks

It can be unlocked by defeating Big Lou, Blacklist member 11.


Cost: 10,000

The ultimate package consists of:

  • Engine Torque Damper
  • Coil-over Suspension System
  • Camber Kit

It can be unlocked by defeating Ming, Blacklist member 6.

Junkman (Custom Performance Upgrade)Edit

The junkman package consists of:

  • Custom Sway Bars

The junkman upgrade applies the currently applied suspension with a customizable system. It gives the best performance when combined with the Ultimate suspension package.


  • All the Blacklist racers who unlock the suspension upgrades, unlock the same nitrous upgrades too.
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