The game starts out with the player arriving to challange Razor with his boys they were then chased by the cops and managed to escape the pursuit then the game take 6 days back where the player first enters rockport looking for a repuation on the streets then met mia he was then stopped by sergeant cross and his unknown partner when cross was then about to bust the player cross was needed in a code 3 pursuit.before cross left he tooked out his keys and scrathed the players M3 and said 'nice pinstripe' then left.After a few minutes driving around rockport Ronnie then challenges the player to a race.The player then defeats Ronnie in his Toyota Supra.He then went to Razor probably to find another race Ronnie the tells razor that the player 'shadowed him' Razor then tells ronnie to shut up . Razor insults the player about the car Mia then says that the ride is hot .Then MIA asked razor to challenge him but he refused but instead sent his boy toru sato [bull] to a race mia then asked razor to double the cash to 10 grand.Bull was then defeated by the player.After a race with rog the player was then challenged by razor. the game returns to the beginning of the race with razor after a few minutes racing the player then receives a call from mia that something is wrong withg the car then the car suddenly breaks down.The cops along with sergeant cross raided the party aressting the player because he lost his ride to razor.After a few days he is then released from prison after the lack of evidence for street racing.Mia then tells the player that Razor cheated and and sabotage his ride.the blacklist was then introduced to the player the game begins.

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