In Most Wanted, once nitrous is activated, it directly increases power/torque/RPMs of the engine as long as the throttle is also engaged. However, it is limited based upon the nitrous package produced, with more expensive packages allowing a greater capacity of nitrous to be stored. Nitrous will automatically recharge during a race as long as the throttle is engaged and speeds exceed 50 mph.

Nitrous PackagesEdit

Four package upgrades of nitrous can be installed into cars.


Cost: 4,900 The pro package consists of the Dry Shot of Nitrous. It has the lowest nitrous storage capacity. It can be unlocked by beating Sonny, Blacklist member 15.

Super ProEdit

Cost: 12,500 The super pro package consists of the Wet Shot of Nitrous. This upgrade considerably increases the power and capacity of the nitrous package. It can be unlocked by beating Big Lou, Blacklist member 11.


Cost: 18,000 The ultimate package consists of the Direct Port Nitrous System. This is the best nitrous upgrade for cars. The power of the nitrous is strong, the capacity is huge. It can be unlocked by beating Ming, Blacklist member 6.

Junkman (Custom Performance Upgrade)Edit

The junkman upgrade applies the currently applied nitrous with a customizable system. The storage capacity of the nitrous is somewhat increased though the commercially applied package remains the same. It gives the best performance when combined with the Ultimate nitrous package.


  • Nitro will become instantly full at the start of any race and whenever exiting the safe house, shop, or car lot.
  • If already in free roam, selecting a speedtrap milestone (and so teleporting to it) nitrous will not be completely filled. In this situation it is recommended to jump to safe house and then select the milestone to complete as this will recharge Nitrous.
  • Even if the vehicle is unequipped with any nitrous, at the begginning of races, when the player comes to the start line, he is sometimes seen using the nitrous.
  • When nitro is activated, trails of red seem to come out of the tail lights.
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