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Need for Speed Most Wanted

This wiki is dedicated to one of the best racing games, Need for Speed Most Wanted. This wiki can supply a little walkthrough and guides on the game. Information about the game can be sought here.

Something about NFS Most WantedEdit

Need for Speed Most Wanted is a game by Electronic Arts. This is the successor of Hot Pursuit and the underground series. This game features street racing in the daylight, as well as the heated police pursuits. Indeed a perfect successor.

New stuffEdit

NFS Most Wanted has new and impresive features. The game features:

  1. Races
  2. Pursuits
  3. Polished storyline
  4. A Blacklist system
  5. Free Roam Mode
  6. Bio of the blacklist racers
  7. Blacklist trailer video clips
  8. 32 fully customizable cars
  9. 5 bonus cars
  10. A challenge series for extra fun.

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